Our visit to Glendalough

We recently visit one of our favorite places in Ireland which is Glendalough, WIcklow. This is a very popular spot both here in Ireland and abroad. It is home to one of the most famous monastic sites in Ireland which was setup both the Christians and founded by Saint Kevin in the 6th century however most buildings seen today at the famous site are from a later period around the 11th century.

It is amazing that there is so much left including the round tower as Glenaloughs position on right on the lake made it a popular spot for Viking attacks in the 11th and 12 Century. Today you can find a visitor centre which has oceans of information about the site as well as a lovely hotel and cafe after you work up a hunger on the 6km around the lake walk.

There is so much to see there including the famous round tower which the monks hid in when attacked by the Vikings. There is also ruins of the cathedral there as well as Saint Kevins Church.

We took several photos but you really have to visit the centre to do it justice as I just took some photos on my refurbished iPhone 6 but it will give you an idea of what you can see there:

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Tips For Buying A Refurbished iPhone

Everyone is raving about iPhones and they want to own one, but they certainly are not cheap. However, there is another option on the table, and that option is buying a refurbished iPhone. These iPhones have been returned to the manufacture and put back up for resale. It does not necessarily mean that anything is wrong with them. The phone may have simply been returned, because the user decided that he or she just did not like the phone. With that being said, there are some things that you need to look at and consider before you just go out and purchase one of these devices.

Don’t Buy Stolen Phones

The major thing that you do not want to do is purchase a stolen phone. Apple has gone out of its way to take certain precautions to prevent people from selling stolen phones. You can check the status of any phone that you are thinking about buying, by using Apple’s activation status tool. All you have to do is visit Apple’s website and enter the serial number of the phone and the status of the phone will show up. Of course, this really depends on if the previous user reported the phone stolen, but most of the time they do.

Contact Your Carrier

Before you purchase any iPhone, it is best to contact your carrier and make sure that they can activate the phone. In order to do this you just need the serial number of the phone you are going to buy. After that you will just call your current carrier and explain the situation to them, give them the serial number, and they will give you the information you are looking for.

Battery Life

Users are unable to replace the battery in an iPhone, so it is imperative that you purchase a phone that has a decent battery life. The only way to confirm this is by testing the phone or trusting what the seller has to say.

Exploring The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Generics Electronics

Shopping for a new electronic gadget is never an easy task, but with the right tools you will not face any problems along the way. One of the most common questions that shoppers ask themselves, when looking for a new electronic gadget is whether or not to purchase generics electronics. Answering this question is not that simple, which is why you should continue reading this article.

Cost-Cutting Advantage

It is a known fact that consumers save a lot of money, when investing in generics. Some off-brands may sell for half the price of a brand name product, which is a significant saving. Generics such as bluetooth speakers have improved significantly over the last few decades, so they are becoming more and more competitive with brand name.

Similar Components And Operation

Generic electronics are embedded with similar components as the brand name. This means they are going to operate in the same manner, but you must consider the quality of the components. Just became the component is the same does not necessarily mean that it will be of the same quality. If the component is lacking in quality, it will not offer durability and longevity.

Manufacturer Warranty

Most electronics are very expensive, so consumers should take the time to view the manufacturer warranty. Generic brands will most often not offer the same warranty as the name brand. While, you may be spending more for the name brand product, it may be worth it if you receive an extended warranty. If you purchase a generic brand just because it is €100 cheaper and it does come with a quality warranty, you will not be protected from financial loss.

If generics electronics only last until the limited warranty expires, you are going to be forced to purchase another one. This may mean that you will need to buy two electronics within a short period of time. Whereas, if you had purchased a brand name electronic in the first place, you would be good to go for quite some time.

Just received our new android tv box!

So this post is a bit off topic and not really to do with eco tourism at all but we just wanted to share with any of our readers what a great little product we picked up. It is called an android TV box and it is basically a small box similar to Apple TV that runs apps that allow you to watch TV, movies and download thousands of apps via your TV. So it basically turns your TV into a smart TV. This means that we don’t have to buy or rent DVDs any more and everything is at the touch of a button on this android TV Box.

We got from our friends who run www.androidtvboxes.ie and find it a great little device and thought that our readers might find them useful especially coming back into the winter months. It is especially good for those who live in apartments blocks as you don’t need a satellite dish as everything runs via the internet. There is a recommended speed of 3mbps but I think most urban areas have that sort of speed now if not even rural areas at this stage. Anyway this is just a small post but hope you guys find it useful as it can save you a lot on TV bills and DVD rental by using netflix on the box. Thanks!

A shout out to our friends at Wifi signal boosters Ireland

Hey guys, this is just a quick shout out to our friends who setup a new website selling wifi signal boosters online so nothing really to do with beautiful sites around Ireland at all! One of them actually is helping us with the setup of our own site so we thought it appropriate to give them a shout out! For those who are not sure what they are wifi signal boosters are exactly what they sound like! You plug in them into a wall socket and they amplify the WIFI network range giving you a greater range throughout your home or office building.

They are pretty affordable for what they are at €34.99 and can amplify the range by up to 300 meters. They also sell a range of WIFI products such as routers and USB dongles and offer next day delivery nationwide with Fastway couriers. The WIFI boosters come with WPS which means that they are fully secure and can help stop data theft. For more information you can visit their site and we wish them the best of luck in the future! Thanks.